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Video part of the month…

This edition of Video part of the month comes from Sidewalk’s YouTube page, in the form of a tribute to one of the best skate spots that England has to … Continue reading

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The Road to Pipe Line | In House

Aloha dudes! This is an episode of In house that inspired me greatly and shows in an in depth way how surfers train and prepare for a big comp like … Continue reading

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Episode 76 – Sailing La Vagabond

If anyone needs some summer travel inspiration, those happy go lucky chaps at SLV have just put out a special 53 minute Vlog episode from their new Zealand adventure!! So … Continue reading

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The Unlinked Heritage of Snowboarding

—– PETRAN BOARDING —– A movie by Patagonia documenting the most unlikely origins of the Snowboard movement in the foothills of Turkey. This window into a rich cultural beginning for … Continue reading

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Shaper Season – Eric Arakawa

The story of a man going from Surfer to Shaper back to Surfer. Doing it for the love of surfing and showing how a dream can become reality but you … Continue reading

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Aztec Board Sale

– Hand Cut – Our very own individual custom shaped road cruiser is on sale!! This is a one – off design hand cut and shaped into a coffin style. … Continue reading

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The New Wave Hero

— GATO HEROI — The alter ego of Surfer and Shaper Robin Kegel. He is a modern phenomenon in the surf world, following his passion and vision for surfboards to … Continue reading

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Surfboard Shaper Season

Here at Board Stupid we are entering a new season, where we shift our focus towards the foam slicing wizards that graft away shaping some of the best Surfboards to … Continue reading

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Swirl BS

A fresh instalment of Board Stupid Goodness.

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Boards Stupid Goods

We have been working on a line of Board Stupid Apparel and hardware all connected under one handy umbrella. Our first product release is our very own Board Stupid Aztec … Continue reading

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