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Creating my very own Custom Cruiser…..

Inspired by my recent discovery of Reskate, I have decided to begin crafting my very own Cruiser skateboard out of one of my old ply wood decks. I have ordered some 59mm Penny wheels from ebay, along with some 1/2″ riser pads. Next step is to deconstruct my old board. I’m going to set the trucks up as usual but nice and loose to get some super tight turns in just how I like it!


All that remains to be done is to design a kick ass board shape and start hacking away at my old deck. I will start by drawing it out in pen on the underside. I think i will do a subtle fish tail design, keep the middle nice and wide and then finish with a short, stubby little nose for a cheeky bit of nose riding pleasure! Once I have drawn out my design I will cut around the shape with either a good hand saw in small sections or if I can convince my dad to lend me it a lovely jigsaw. Once I have fully cut out the desired shape, I will then start to sand around the edges and all over the underside to get the edges nice and smooth and the underside ready for a banging new graphic. Once that is all done I will break out the paint pens and start getting creative on this mother!!

Right. There’s the full proof method, now watch this space for photographic evidence in the very near future…..

A little bit of internet inspiration


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3 comments on “Creating my very own Custom Cruiser…..

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