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HAROSHI – Turning skateboard into sculpture

Art that is inspired by skateboarding is becoming more and more wide spread. Some use the street as their inspiration where as others take it from more abstract forms that can turn into skateboard graphics or translate to canvas or other mediums. Haroshi is a name that I have heard mentioned a lot over the past few years but have never delved deep enough before now to realize his true amazing skill and quality as a skateboard focused artist.


His work is quite unique in its approach. It seems to have a varied focus but keeps the general premise of skateboarding at its heart. He seemingly collects old skate decks and completely transforms them into something that is all together a new form. Sometimes he uses the aesthetic of a skateboard as his basis, recreating the shapes of a certain element or part of the board. But other times he lets his imagination run away and creates something totally different and quite mystical. There is a huge amount of detail and skill in his restoration and reconstruction of the boards.


Such as in this piece where he makes a human hand almost clenching into a karate style chop. Possible imitating the strange poses and postures we often subconsciously make whilst gearing up to a trick. Whatever his thoughts are when making these artworks I think the sheer craftsmanship shines through pretty brightly and it is clear to see Haroshi possesses so real raw talent.

Images courtesy of Google.images

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This entry was posted on February 16, 2014 by in Art, Skateboarding.
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