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Leticia Bufoni – Exposure

How has this girl been off my radar for so long!!!

Leticia Bufoni has won three gold medals at the X Games and been ranked #1 women’s street skater four years running, from 2010 – 2013 inclusive. This tells me there is a pretty amazing story behind her success and that she is quite obviously one of the most passionate female skaters in the world. After digging around on youtube I found some pretty amazing video parts (like the one above for Gopro) along with some incredible Street League performances to elevate her already awesome profile and show she is a girl of many talents.


Bufoni is brazilian born, originally from Sao Paulo but now lives in Los Angeles. Folk lore has it that on a trip to California to compete in the X Games at a mere age of 14. She was practicing inward heelflips at an Element skate camp and her dad said to her ‘If you land this trick Leticia, you can move to California” she landed it on the next try, got sponsorship and ended up staying there! Pretty incredible. She has sponsorship deals with Nike SB, TNT Energy Drink, Grizzly grip tape, Crail trucks and Plan B skateboards to name just a few! She is clearly following her heart and her passion in life and setting one awesome example to everyone else out there especially young female skaters who have a similar passion in their lives. You should always follow your heart and do what you love in this life and one day it will pay off. It is so obvious to see just how much she loves skating from watching her, as she enjoys every single second she is on that skateboard.


It seems as though she has done a lot for the sport of women’s skateboarding and skateboarding in general. She has helped raise the profile worldwide for female skaters and is actively involved with charity skate events like BFBC (boarding for breast cancer) Using her profile to help raise money for these extremely important causes which is an very admirable thing to do.

She is also quite comfortable in her own skin and not at all shy! Which it seems has led to a pretty revealing photoshoot for ESPN body issue. The body issue is a magazine published by ESPN which shows a whole range of top athletes in the buff to uncover the positive effects that different sports can have on the human body.


This can only be a good thing and has helped promote Leticia Bufoni to super stardom within the world of sport and skateboarding. Along with this she was featured last year in the new Tony hawk’s Pro Skater 5 game and was absolutely stoked to even be considered. She says she always remembers playing the game as a kid and it seems so crazy to think that now she is actually on the game! Check it out here on the official website for all the info and interviews with the featured skaters. Enjoy!!

All images courtesy of google.images

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