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RUBICON – A UK Skate Camp making its mark

When I here the words Skate Camp I immediately think of an all american affair. Little snotty nosed kids in some sunny western Californian town, skating around covered head to toe in gigantic skate pads and helmets. Tic-tacing around and asking everyone in sight to “watch them ollie”. However the Skate Camp scene has come on quite a long way since those days. I have always been intrigued by Skate Camps in this country but never delved deep enough to see what they were all about. Now I have stumbled upon what looks like the gem of all UK Skate Camps!

Rubicon Skate Camps are taking kids of all ages on epic trips around the UK, visiting street spots, skate parks and offering good quality accommodation along the way. With pros and plenty of Rubicon staff to ensure the sessions go without a hitch it seems like these guys really know what they’re doing. Judging from the standard of the skaters in this Promo vid they are definitely doing something right down at Rubicon Skate Camp…..

“You know something’s kicking off when kids are travelling to the UK from 16 other countries to skate! So what’s going on? Well the Rubicon Skate Camps are in their 10th year now and they run week long, residential skate camps where you tour the country visiting skateparks with a bunch of pro riders.  And we’re not talking just a few places – last year they visited an average 15 skateparks every week! Outdoor and indoor parks and with everything from impromptu street spot jams to floodlight sessions! And in terms of pros, we’re talking some of the best UK team riders from Element, Girl Skateboards, Lakai, Get Lesta, Theeve Trucks, Drawing Boards etc – guys like Adam Keats, James Threlfall, Jason Cloete, Paul Regan, Alex DeCunha, Lucas Healey, Cam Butterworth etc.”

skate camp poster 2016
There’s 7 weeks to choose from this year – including a girls only week – so if you’re a younger rider who just wants 5 days of pure skating with new friends at new parks, then get involved. No two weeks are ever the same – there’s no timetable for when you’ve got to start or stop skating – no other fluffy activities to pad the week out – just skateboarding at great parks like Radlands, Ramp 1, Cirencester, Adrenaline Alley, Oxford, Rush, Midsummer Norton, Flowerpots, Projekts, Rampworx and anywhere else that takes your fancy.

For more info, check out or call them on 0845 83 84 662.


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