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The unexpected – Sea Sick Surf Shop

Gato Heroi is one of the many guest shapers for the @seasicksurf shop

Sometimes good things appear when you least expect them…..

In the settling mist of King’s Day celebrations, down a cobbled street deep in the heart of the Jordaan, in West, Central Amsterdam. There is an absolute gem lurking in the depths of the untamed cobbles, out of nowhere has formed……. The Sea Sick Surf Shop! One for all you sea fearing, nautical, nose riders out there. I stumbled upon this beauty by accident, just cruising around on my rusty old Oma fiets (that’s grandma bike in Dutch) nursing a King’s Day hangover spawned from hell. I suddenly had to double take because I genuinely thought my eyes were deceiving me! As I’m sure you are aware, decent surf shops are a bit of a rarity, especially in the tightly paved lanes of Amsterdam.


The exact location of the shop is on the corner of Tuinstraat and Eerste Egelantiers Dwarsstraat (bit of a mouthful). I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sticks in this joint. All hand shaped by a whole host of touring surfboard shapers from across the globe. Most of them having a very good understanding for the waves served up in Northern Europe and so custom shaping them to the wave style of the general area. They also openly take custom requests for board shapes and sizes so you are able to order a board specifically designed for you. But not only that I was also stunned by the all round good selection of products, unique merchandise, home grown artwork and surf books on display. To top that off they even offer fresh coffee while you browse, what more can you ask for!

I got talking to one of the co-founders of this concept surf store, Frank Reef. He began to tell me how along with a few friends of his they had single handedly began to put this place together. Sourcing these hand made Quivers and high end Zion wetsuits and presenting everything in a very natural and understated style. They have definitely put the emphasis on the customer and if you pay a visit to the website you will find all the information and guidance towards your perfect surf shopping experience or of course you should pay them a visit in store if you’re in the area…..

Photographs courtesy of google.images

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