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5 Reasons why we think – Skateboarders make the best lovers

It has been known for sometime that the advent of skateboarding puts a man or woman more in touch with their emotions, it forces them to receive a regular beating from the cold hard ground and allows contemplation and growth at the same time. Not only that, it also keeps them focused on the task at hand and they look pretty damn awesome at the same time! Skater chicks have some of the best style in the world of fashion and it usually looks completely effortless. That is why these are just a few of the reasons that……

Skateboarders make the best lovers!!

Here is our top 5 …..


  1. Good hands on teachers


They don’t mind spreading the skills taught to them once upon a time, passing on their wisdom from one soul to another.


2. They know all the best spots


Of course they do, it is like second nature to a skater. Seeking out awesome secluded joints where they are less likely to be kicked out by security staff and can have the privacy to skate and try out new tricks.


3. Effortless style

Skateboarders have mad amounts of style. Fact. They invented the ripped jeans and would only ever wear that look if it was totally authentic and guys….. we always know when it’s authentic or not ! ! !

4. Good taste in music


Skateboarding has been inspired by all the best genres of music from early Punk and Garage Rock through to Thrash metal and Hip Hop just pick up any skate video from through the ages and its sure to have a few absolute bangers on there.


5. Still in touch with their inner child

This basically means they still know how to have fun and be free like the inner child we were always meant to be.


And one for luck……

They don’t mind a bit of rough and tumble ! ! ! ! !


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This entry was posted on June 14, 2016 by in Skateboarding, Travel.
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