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Absolute Ripper – Sailing La Vagabonde

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Our most recent find is in the land of the video blog. We stumbled upon this little beauty as it was recommended by a very good friend of ours and most certainly does not disappoint. The Vlog goes by the name of – Sailing La vagabonde. It is a self filmed blog about an Australian couple (Riley & Elayna) sailing in the footsteps of the great Sailors and Adventurers of history like Christopher Columbus and Charles Darwin. Not only awesome fun to watch for numerous reasons but very educational at times too.

The pair started off in Italy where they bought their pride and joy. A 43ft yacht by the name La Vagabonde. All this is explained in episode 1 which you can view on the La Vagabonde YouTube channel right here:

Elayna is one heck of a soulful guitarist and offers a dreamy soundtrack to go along with the beauty of life on the open seas. Riley has a passion for sailing and through watching the show you feel as though you are riding the learning curve of sailing and adventure as he does. There are some extremely useful hints and tips divulged by the crew on how to handle certain situations at sea but it really seems that the ‘Can Do’ attitude of these 2 intrepid Aussies is what really counts in these situations. They go spear fishing regularly and Rod fishing off the back of the boat, catching some amazing sized Tuna a Mahi Mahi fish and get regularly dive bombed by flying fish.


As an avid traveller myself this Vlog just fuels my desire to up sticks and get out there on an adventure of my own. I urge every last one of you to click on one of these links and go get inspired because these guys are a living inspiration and make you realise how much amazing stuff there is out there to be explored!

Cheers La Vagga!!

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3 comments on “Absolute Ripper – Sailing La Vagabonde

  1. mukul chand
    June 14, 2016

    wonderful post

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