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The alter ego of Surfer and Shaper Robin Kegel.

He is a modern phenomenon in the surf world, following his passion and vision for surfboards to still push boundaries and tear away from the blandness of mainstream surf culture. He is one of the few shapers out there who is really trying to diversify the shape, style and ride of his own boards. Building his own brand as a genuine way of life and not just another ‘brick in the wall’ of generic surf culture.

I think what I find really rad about Gato Heroi and Robin Kegel is the emphasis he puts on Art and Surfing as an art form. Taking away the industry side of a brand and the surf world and making things that are truly unique and can stand alone as intriguing works of art.

Gato Heroi boards are available world wide. Robin Kegel guest shapes for many independent European surf shops, so you just have to get out there and do your homework to track them down, trust me it will be worth it. They don’t come cheap but what you are paying for is something completely different and personalised to you! Whether it’s a stubby 6’0″ Space Roach or a long, elegant 9’2″ Smooth Operator, his boards all have subtle differences and a one off beautifully glassed design that speaks to all us creative, artistic surfers out there.

Here’s a few of the stockists for Gato goods worldwide:

9'4 Gato Heroi Playboy

Here’s a short video from the Gato Heroi archive, enjoy the ride……

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